Smoke, oil consumption, and loss of power are all signs that your engine may be in need of a rebuild. Whatever your symptoms, we’ll do a health analysis on your engine including a compression test to get a more informed measure of its true operating condition.

If we find that your engine needs rebuilding, we’ll discuss the specifics of the rebuild with you, including optional replacement parts (cam, heads, etc.) and any available upgrades that can be made. After we’ve removed and disassembled your engine, we’ll boil-out the block to remove any built-up sludge, and then have your block and your heads machined. During reassembly your engine will get new gaskets, piston rings, lifters (where applicable), camshaft(s), oil pump, water pump (where applicable), valve guides, valves, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, and pistons. We’ll reassemble your engine with new gaskets and fresh fluids, and then reinstall your engine and reconnect all your accessories.

Don’t let the experience of driving your classic car be reduced to constant disappointment. Give us a call at (314) 567-4200 or complete the form below and we’ll get you up and running and back on the road.

Looking to replace the old power plant with something that has a little more pep? Or maybe the reliability of a fuel-injected engine suits you? This might be an opportune time to consider an engine swap for your classic.