Of all the conveniences and creature comforts on newer vehicles, none is perhaps more missed in its absence than air conditioning. Cranking down the windows manually during a nice day is actually kind of a novelty, other non-power options are annoying at best, but the lack of A/C in oppressive heat and humidity make your classic car almost undrivable. If summer temperatures are keeping you and your car apart on days when you could be driving, a perfect-fit air conditioning system may be the answer to your problems. If your car was originally equipped with air, but lost the necessary components over the years, we can generally find parts to create you a factory-correct system, depending on your make and model. Otherwise, we can use an aftermarket A/C system designed specifically to install in your make and model. Aftermarket systems perform as you would expect from any modern system, reliably and efficiently delivering ice-cold air with enough force to keep you cool on the hottest Summer days.

Already have A/C, but find that it’s lacking in the cooling department? If your compressor and condenser are operational, you may just need a recharge. If your A/C system currently uses R12 as a refrigerant, you could opt to evacuate and recharge your system with R12, or, we can retrofit your existing A/C system to use the cheaper and more environmentally friendly 134A.