Very few updates deliver more performance dollar-for-dollar than a conversion to electronic ignition. Not only will you no longer have to deal with the constant maintenance from your points and condenser, you’ll also get better fuel economy, and your car will be easier to start (plus, you won’t burn up your points from something as simple as leaving the key on). Still not convinced? Electronic ignition will allow your spark plugs to deliver a better spark, which will give you better combustion and – wait for it – more power!

Want to keep the original look and feel of your engine compartment? No problem! Most electronic ignition kits are ingeniously designed to tuck away discreetly inside of your distributer cap. We typically find that kits from Petronix do a great job for our customers, but if you’re looking for a bit more spark, ask us about an MSD distributor or other performance ignition kits for your classic car. Give us a call at (314) 567-4200 or complete the form below, and we’ll have your classic delivering more power in no time!