Engine Overhauls

Engines live pretty hard lives, and it's not too hard to accumulate excessive wear and tear that's eventually going to cut down on performance. Eventually, the time is going to come where a complete rebuilt is necessary in order to get back some of that horse power. Whether you want to go totally stock, or do some modifications, we can help guide the way.

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Transmission Overhauls

Gear change issues? Transmissions experience a lot of wear and tear. If you are having issues, a rebuild, or even complete replacement may be in the cards.

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Suspension & Steering

Let's face it. Despite your classic car's stunning good looks, the suspension and steering may not be up to snuff with modern standards. Whether you are just looking to have a safer vehicle, or make some serious handling improvement, consult with us to find what's appropriate for your ride.

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You have a 500 HP engine in a car from the 1960's with drum brakes and a leaky master cylinder. We are here to help. Seriously.

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Exhaust & Mufflers

You may have exhaust leaks due to an old rusty exhaust system, or maybe you a looking for some additional performance from your classic car. If a new exhaust system is in order for you, let us know how we can help.

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Fuel Systems

Classic cars sit around a lot, so we see a lot of poorly performing fuel systems. Sediment builds up in tanks and can really do a number on fuel injection systems, and carburetors.

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Gauges & Driver Information Systems

A classic car without good gauges is kind of like flying blind. Protect your investment with a proper set up.

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Peripherals and Accesories

Many of our shop projects involve the installation of aftermarket accessories for classic cars. The industry is flush with companies producing products to make your classic car ownership easier.

To name just a few:

Power windows
Remote locking systems
Updated wiper systems
Security systems
Aftermarket AC

If you have a need, reach out to our service department for a quick consultation.

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Radiator & Cooling System

Increased performance often means increased heat. Often with addition of more power, your classic car may start to experience overheating symptoms. A super sized cooling system may be the just the remedy you need to stay on the road.

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