Your car’s cooling system is without a doubt the unsung hero of the drivetrain, remaining largely unnoticed – that is, until a problem arises. Buildup of sludge, rust, excessive cavitation, or something as simple as a bad radiator cap or water pump may be preventing your cooling system from properly circulating coolant. Overheating problems can be difficult to diagnose and immensely frustrating – don’t face this challenge alone. We can flow-test, boil out or replace your radiator. If originality is important to you, we can re-core your factory radiator. Give us a call at (314) 567-4200 or complete the form below before you blow your top.

It’s worth mentioning here that overheating may not be your radiator’s fault. Overheating may also be a symptom of other problems that will occur even with a perfectly functional radiator. Your engine block may not be cooling evenly due to a number of factors, including blocked coolant ports from sludge or improper gaskets. If you’re not getting far down the road before you bury the needle on your temp. gauge, and have oil or hydrocarbons in your antifreeze, a head-gasket or intake gasket may be the more likely culprit.

Also, if you’ve made some performance upgrades to your engine, you might need additional cooling capacity to keep up. Ask us about performance radiators and other cooling solutions to help keep your temp. gauge down in the summer heat.