Slippage, hard or delayed shifts, and whining are just a few signs that your transmission may need attention, and as frightening as the prospect of transmission work may be, it’s one problem you definitely don’t want to ignore. Keep in mind – reduced fluid levels can sometimes be the culprit. If your classic is leaving pinkish red transmission puddles everywhere you park it, you might just need a reseal and a top-off.

If you elect to have your automatic transmission overhauled, we’ll remove and disassemble your transmission and clean its case and all of its parts thoroughly in a high-temperature bath. Once clean and ready for reassembly, we’ll replace all of your friction clutches, steel plates and drum bands, check for wear on your high drum and front pump (and replace where necessary), and replace your sealing rings, bushings, filter, and of course, all of your gaskets.

Got four on the floor or three on the tree (a manual transmission)? We’ll give your transmission the same thorough cleansing, then rebuild it with new bushings, synchros (where applicable), and gaskets. While we’ve got your transmission out, we’ll have a look at your clutch and pressure plate, and resurface or replace them where necessary.

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If your transmission is not original to your car, this might be a good point to think about a transmission swap.