Holleys, Rochesters or Edelbrocks, Strombergs or Offenhausers, Webers or SUs, we know them all. As a shop that specializes in servicing classic cars, we work on carburetors of all stripes every day. Whether your engine is fed with a single barrel, tri-power, dual-quads, or the mighty six-pack, our technicians are experienced at tuning carburetors to get your engine to perform. What’s that you say? You’ve got a Fuelie, a blown deuce, or a supercharged 812? We’re no strangers to classic performance fuel delivery either. Give us a call at (314) 567-4200 or complete the form below to schedule a consultation with our expert technicians.

If the beast underneath your hood is fuel-starved, or you’re looking for an increase in horsepower, check out some of our high-performance fuel system components. We’re talking about high CFM carburetors, baffled fuel tanks, fuel cells, high performance fuel pumps, superchargers and turbochargers.