The 60’s were a time of great experimentation. Not only with mind-altering drugs mind you – but also with the bells and whistles adorning new automobiles and the mechanisms that powered them. “Vacuum-driven power windows, power locks and power tilt-away steering wheels?”, said engineers, “Sure! We won’t be the ones to have to replace all of these vacuum lines once they dry-rot. Plus, then we only need one pump!” Marvelous though these creature comforts may be in operating form, they are equally prone to malfunction, and the only things more creative than the minds that brought you these advances in automotive convenience are the minds that can fix them once they’ve fallen into disrepair. Give us a call at (314) 567-4200 or complete the form below and our expert technicians will bring your car’s gadgets, doohickeys, and gizmos back to life.

If you value performance over originality, ask us about opportunities to replace some of your more unreliable accessories with aftermarket kits designed for your classic car.