Electronic Ignition

If you'd like your classic to have increased reliability and more power with better fuel economy, consider getting rid of your points and condenser in favor of a modern electronic ignition system. You'll get a better spark, better ignition, and you can even keep that OEM look.

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A/C Installation / Conversion

From complete, perfect-fit installs for your classic car to maintenance of your factory air unit, when it comes to keeping you cool in your classic, we've got you covered.

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Power Steering & Power Brake Installation

If you'd prefer to keep your arm workout in the gym and out of your driving experience, power steering is a must. If your car wasn't optioned with power steering or power brakes and you're one three-point turn away from pulling your hair out, give us a call!

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Heat & Sound Insulation

More horsepower is a great thing, but it often comes with several less welcome bedfellows: heat, noise, and vibration. If any of these three undesirables are making their way into your otherwise comfortable cockpit, what seems tolerable at first can quickly become an annoyance. Classic Car Studio offers several solutions for heat reduction, sound and vibration deadening including Dynamat and Lizard Skin. Don't let heat, droning noise, or rattling ruin your driving experience.

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Performance Solutions

If you are like us, it's hard to stop modifying and looking for areas that can be improved. It's been a long time since your car was produced, and you might be surprised to find out what's available for your vehicle to improve overall performance.

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