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Season 1


"A Mustang's Twists and Turns"

A good client brings in a problematic 1965 Mustang expecting Noah and his crew to transform this twisted shell of a car and into a beast at the track. Noah also takes on bringing a 1965 Cobra to life for a client who’s never had it running.

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"9-1-1 on a 911"

When one client brings in a perfectly running, near flawless Porsche, and the other a brand new Cadillac CTS-V, the only thing left to do is everything! Noah challenges his crew to take the performance of these cars to the next level.

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"Who's the Boss?"

Noah has his hands full modifying a 1957 Chevy Bel Air for a married couple with two separate visions. And a mystery client that they've never met has high demands for turning a '69 Camaro into a luxury ride.

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"A Triumph-ant Homecoming"

Noah's excited to stretch his wings and take on a Triumph TR3, but his guys don't share the same love for this British racer. But they all get a taste of serious American adrenaline when Noah pushes for some hot upgrades to their shop truck.

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"Corvervetter's Gonna Hate"

A running and restored 1962 Corvette gets chopped and dropped as Noah and team set out to retain all the natural beauty of this car while amplifying its performance specs to compete with modern day racers.

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"Wild Horses"

Perhaps the only shop where 1000 horsepower isn't enough is at Classic Car Studio. Noah challenges his team to take a 1969 Chevelle and turn it into a fierce speed demon that will win as many car shows as it will attract speeding tickets.

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"The Pickup with Pickup"

Noah has a new client who wants to take a 1953 Ford F-100 from a farmland hauler to an ass-hauling racer! What starts as a rust bucket truck on its last legs gets an epic overhaul that pushes his guys to the limit to get it done to Noah's high standards.

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"If it Ain't Steel, It Ain't Real"

Noah finally turns his lead fabricator, Scott, lose on a 1962 Chrysler 300 after months of reigning him in on other cars. The result is a completely custom aviation-themed hot rod that looks like anything but Grandpa’s old grocery getter.

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Season 2


"Heavy Metal Model A"

A rock star client calls on Noah to give a Ford Model A some heavy metal attitude. This old school ride gets some new school hot rod edge as the team works to turn this into rock and roll on wheels

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"All-American Pick Up"

Classic Car Studio gives a 1953 Chevy truck a top to bottom custom restyling to make a couple's road trip dream car. Also, an old client returns with some loud demnds.

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"Hockey Mad Nomad"

A family mad for hockey tasks Noah and team to transform their '57 Nomad into a powerful family ride equally ready for everyday activities and high-performance track days. And a father and son restyle their 1967 Mustang to match their 2017 Mustang GT350.

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"Blazing Fast F-100"

When a military veteran and retiring firefighter pitches Noah on his dream race truck, the shop rallies around the build and turns this 70's pickup into an autocross bomb.

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"Hot Rod Power Tour"

Noah and his crew decide to transform their clunker of a shop truck into a piece of rolling art, making it worthy of participating in the Hot Rod Power Tour. A pilot longs to get his aviation inspired Bel Air ready for take-off.

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"Cadillac Time Machine"

A new client longs for her high school glory days and tasks Classic Car Studio with restoring her 1965 Cadillac El Dorado to its original 60's style while adding much needed modern technology.

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"Mean Mash-Up"

A Doctor in need of a fun ride when not in the operating room asks Noah to take his Chevy SSR & turn it into a mean yet classy freak on wheels. The team reimagines this truck/convertible mash-up and transforms the SSR into a powerful and aggressive ride.

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"Mini Car, Mega Power"

A lover of small cars and fast speeds has Noah and the team rebuild her 1970 Mini so she can race her boyfriend and enjoy zippy rides on the country drives. A massive horsepower upgrade makes this Mini one huge beast.

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"Chevelle Reborn - Part 1"

More than 40 years since totaling a 1971 Chevelle a new client is ready to rebuild his first dream car. Starting from a bare frame, the crew begins the process of giving this Chevelle a new life, one that will turn heads at shows, and on the road.

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"Chevelle Reborn - Part 2"

With new demands from their client, Classic Car Studio fights to finish their 1971 Chevelle reinvention from classic muscle to modern day super car. A new look, Ferrari inspired custom touches & a new power plant make this a true, one of a kind Chevelle.

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