Stock # 1169
Year: 1930
Make: Ford
Model: Model A
Color: Black over Red
Price: This vehicle is sold.

1930 Ford Model A

A counter-reaction to the high polish and obsessive levels of fit, finish, and mechanics of modern hot rods, the %u201CRat Rods%u201D of the late seventies and early eighties sported deliberately incomplete paint finish, impractically simple running gear and suspension, spartan passenger compartments, body damage or notable imperfections, and often feature the removal of much or all of the instrumentation, and unexpected mechanical, cosmetic, or structural ornamentation intended to convey a sense of cobbled-together improbability or unsoundness.

Revered increasingly as works of automotive art, rather than practical conveyance these contemporary masterpieces fetch increasingly high prices at specialty and classic car events and are becoming an established trend in the customized automobile genre.

This uniquely prepared 1930 Ford Model A coupe features: 1953 Mercury Flathead 85hp 8 cylinder engine, 1939 Ford truck 3-speed manual transmission, Thickstun manifold with dual 97s, Trippe headlights, all steel body, 1950 Pontiac tail lights, banjo steering wheel, 1939 Ford rear end, 1940 Ford brakes, dropped I-beam with split wishbones, and Dutch style pin striping and flames.

This special automobile is a celebration of vintage American automobiles, and a testament to the observation that not all vintage automobiles need be highly finished to be highly prized, or completely sorted to demonstrate unique beauty.

Such specialized vehicles are certainly an acquired taste, and there can be no question that they will not be for every palate. However, for those in the know, those with unconventional tastes, or with appetites broad enough to make a space beside their show winning cars-there are other kinds of rewards to be had from the word of vehicular art.

This one-of-a-kind 1930 Ford Model A Coupe will be the life of the garage, the show, and the secret pleasure of all of your best automotive friends!