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Lincoln Continental

Mark V
  • Year: 1979
  • Make: Lincoln
  • Model: Continental
  • Submodel: Mark V
  • Mileage: 11978

This 1979 Lincoln Continental MKV is a one owner survivor with under 12,000 original miles. It is one of the nicest preserved MK Vs that we have ever seen at any auction, show, or for sale on the internet. The car was originally purchased at Hilltop Lincoln, in St. Louis, MO and has been kept in a climate controlled garage since new and rarely driven.

The Lincoln has all original factory single stage paint that is in excellent original condition. The car has does not have any accident damage or bondo repairs in the body and our paint gauge reads no higher than 4 mils on any area of the body. All of the glass on the car is the original Carlite glass and is in wonderful original condition. We would rate it "nearly new" throughout. All of the plastic lenses and mouldings are in excellent condition as well and the chrome and stainless work which has been beautifully preserved. The tires were recently replaced due to dry rot, and the original wheels are mint as well.

The engine is the tried and true Cleveland V8 which was a 402 cubic inch unit in this car. The motor compartment appears totally stock, complete with many of the original stickers that these cars came with. The valve covers even have the original factory blue paint which we almost never see even on fine quality survivor cars. The car has a recent tune up performed at the Lincoln dealership and runs very smoothly. We believe the car has the original exhaust pipes and a new muffler. Sans a bit of cosmetic surface rust it’s in great shape. Most of the original yellow factory inspection marks are still in the engine compartment.

The undercarriage is in truly remarkable shape for it’s age. There is absolutely no rust, and the original owner was never sold any type of undercoating product so the original paint is visible and in fine condition. Also notable is the fact the the springs still have the original inspection wrappers from the factory in place. This is fairly telling that the car probably didn’t see much wet weather use as these are simply pieces of paper that are wrapped around the spring and usually fall off within the first year.

The interior is a time capsule with excellent condition leather that has never been refinished or repaired and is soft and supple. The original carpets are very nice with little wear present. The faux wood trim is very well preserved throughout the car and the headliner is in great condition as well. All of the gauges work properly as does the factory 8 track player, CB radio, and Cartier clock. The car comes with the original set of factory books, and full spare/jack.

For Lincoln collector, this car is a special one. They are only new once and if you know the kind of abuse cars take over the years, the original condition of this Lincoln is impressive across the board of all collectable automobiles. We came across this Lincoln by chance, so if you find it, don’t miss out on this wonderful survivor.