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Lincoln Continental

  • Year: 1966
  • Make: Lincoln
  • Model: Continental

The 1966 Lincoln Continental was a different breed – a giant slab-sided cruiser packed full of every ounce of technology that Lincoln could wring out of their engineers. This roofless, 4-door living room on wheels made a statement when it arrived. The US was on top in the 1960’s and so was the luxurious cruiser. These days, they are almost as recognizable as a 1957 Chevy. People of all ages know what they are, however, they still remain reasonably priced and affordable – for now.

The car features the 462 engine, a Lincoln-only motor used in the finest luxury cruisers of the time. It turned a 3 speed transmission and the pairing provided swift acceleration to the boat-like car. Ford had spent a phenomenal amount of time and money developing the convertible top system as seen on these cars and also the Thunderbird. Hit the top button and the entire trunk opens to swallow the massive convertible top.

This lovely 3-owner car was first owned the the principal of a local Lincoln dealership and subsequently by two other local owners. It received a new paint job just last year and the interior has been completely redone as well. The motor was rebuilt 10 years ago and purrs like a kitten. The AC is cold and the car rides out wonderfully on the highway. We have had her cruising at 75 MPH like it was nothing.

For the car guy or gal looking for a cruiser big enough for the whole family, this Lincoln fits the bill and won’t break the bank.