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Chevrolet Camaro


A perfect balance of analog magic and modern tech.

  • Year: 1987
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Camaro
  • Submodel: IROC-Z
  • Mileage: 26543
  • Color: Blue
  • Interior: Black

This 1987 IROC Z28 started with the idea to pump some modern “go” into a beautifully preserved car that was lacking in the performance department.  The Camaro was a rust free, accident free car that had just over 26,000 original miles when the project was started. 

The Chevy parts catalog was cracked open and a brand new LS3 was ordered from Chevrolet Performance. Designed for both performance and longevity, the LS3 is probably the most versatile modern engine in the Chevy lineup.  What about the hardware and software you ask? The LS3 runs the same computer that Chevy uses in its modern cars. It can be plugged into with most scan tools and you can have diagnostics at your fingertips. The transmission is a brand new T56 Super Magnum transmission that was purchased with the LS3.  In the rear is a DSE built Ford 9” with a Gear FX 3.50 center section. The engine produces a crisp exhaust note and a nice rumbly idle. Exhaust gas flows through a set of Hooker Black Heart headers and out through a Hooker Black Heart exhaust system. On the front of the engine, a tidy CVF front runner system was installed to drive the accessories. 

The Camaro uses the “Speed 2” suspension set up from DSE in the front and in the rear and it really makes this car shine! The factory front struts were replaced with adjustable Koni’s, beefy tubular lower control arms and a trick camber/caster plate kit. Also up front is a new tubular sway bar which greatly improves cornering and reduces body roll. The rear kit comes with adjustable swivel links, a track bar, coil over shocks and a new sway bar. This IROC also was equipped with a DSE built Ford 9” rear housing with a Gear FX center section. 

With the low original miles, the interior was a mint example. Everything from the dash, the door panels to the center console was very well preserved. The gauges have been upgraded with a modern set from Dakota Digital and the seats are a set of high end Recaros. 

The car is a blast to drive with all that extra horsepower, the crispy T56 transmission and the killer DSE suspension. The Wilwood brakes are right there when you need them and the handling on the car is superb! This is a car you could daily drive, take to track days, or blast down your favorite windy road. It has the perfect balance of analog magic and modern tech. 


  • LS3 480HP
  • GM Performance ECM
  • Holley LS OE style Fuel rails
  • Canton LS Oil pan
  • CVF front runner kit w 1 wire alternator
  • T56 Super Magnum 6-Speed transmission w/ reverse lockout
    • -Hooker Black Heart crossmember
  • Hooker Black heart headers
  • Hooker Black Heart Dual exhaust system
  • Recaro seats
  • Dakota Digital gauges by Hawks Motorsports
  • Wilwood Tandem Master Cylinder
    • Wilwood Prop. valve
    • 4 wheel Wilwood brakes
  • Hawks Motorsports 17×9” “IROC” wheels
  • DSE Ford 9” w/3.50 LSD
  • DSE Speed 2 front suspension
    • -anti roll bar kit
    • -tubular control arms
    • -Koni struts
    • -Caster/camber plates
  • DSE Speed 2 rear suspension
    • -Coil over shocks
    • -anti-roll bar kit
    • -tubular anti roll bar
    • -track bar kit
  • TrackSpec heat extractor(hood)