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Amphicar 770

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Lake-tested and ready to become a fun and unique addition to your collection!

  • Year: 1966
  • Make: Amphicar
  • Model: 770
  • Mileage: 577
  • Color: Blue
  • Interior: Yellow

Finished in beautiful Blue over a correct white/yellow interior, this restored Amphicar is as fun and unique as it gets!

Designed and produced in West Germany, the Amphicar 770 was named for its ability to travel 7 Knots on the water and 70 MPH on land. Production in West Germany totaled just 3,378 units and it’s estimated that just under 600 made it to the United States. Although the performance figures pale in comparison to what could be accomplished with modern day engineering, even 60 years later, very few competitors have entered the market.

This fully restored Amphicar has been lake-tested and comes with both a car title and a boat title. States don’t recognize amphibious vehicles so a dual registration is necessary.

The rear-mounted Triumph 4 cylinder engine supplies power to the rear wheels through a standard four-speed manual transmission. As you enter the water, the driver shifts the car into neutral and engages the transfer case which drives the two rear propellers. Operation is simple, fun and requires little training. Any questions about water operation and the owner’s manual is the glove box.

The Amphicar was both safe, well designed and reliable. It’s a wild addition to any car collection!