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Chevrolet Camaro


If you are in the market for a beautifully restored Camaro, don't let this one pass you by!

  • Year: 1969
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Camaro
  • Submodel: Z/28
  • Mileage: 59,409
  • Color: Blue
  • Interior: Black

Built in the 4th week of March 1969, this ‘69 Camaro Z28 has had a complete rotisserie restoration.  According to records pulled from the Missouri Department of Revenue, the Z28 is a 4 owner Missouri car.  The 3rd owner has possessed the car since the early 1970’s and the 4th owner being his nephew. The car was drag raced in the 8th mile in the early 1970’s and then kept in storage for many years.


The car was stripped down to bare metal, and aside from one new front quarter which is a factory GM replacement part, and a swapped out cowl hood, the Camaro has all original steel. The Z has excellent bodywork, and a very nice two stage paint job that has been properly color sanded and finished.


The engine has been completely rebuilt and now uses SRP pistons and an Eagle crank, although the original pistons and crank come with the engine. The cam is a 30/30 Crane solid lifter cam and the engine has the correct “o” rocker arms. The carb is the proper 4150 Holley unit, and the heads have the correct 3927186 casting. All the pulleys are date code correct with the exception of the smog pump pulley, and even the valve covers are the right ones for the Z28.

The engine has the correct date stamping on the pad, and the correct casting date as well. Although the past owners attest to this being the engine that has been in the car since new, there is no serial number stamping on the block on the rough casting. Although the heads are the correct ones, one is original and one is a date correct replacement.


The transmission is a Muncie M21 close ratio built on March 5th. It has the correct factory linkage, and also the correct shifter handle. The stamping is one serial number off the VIN which is most likely a factory mis-stamp.


The rear end is a factory JL8 rear end with the “QY” stamping which is exclusive for 4 wheel disc brake cars with 4.10 rear ends. The housing itself also has the exclusive JL8 rear tapered axle housing to clear the parking brake shoes. There were HD service packages available from the dealership, however, they had larger housings without the taper. The JL8 package was available for a limited time only, from Feb 69 to May 69,(this car was built in March) and production was only 206 units. Unless these components were somehow taken off another JL8 car, they are and always have been with this Camaro.


Data Plate:

Plant: Norwood

Trim: 712

Paint: 71 / 71

Build Date: 3D





VO312DZ(block never decked)

Casting: 3956618

Casting Date C 10 9

(all pulleys date code correct except for smog pump)


Engine internal specs:


10.6 to 1 SRP Pistons

30/30 Crane solid lifter cam

Eagle 302 Crank(original still with car)

“O” rocker arms




Holley 4150

ID : 3923289   DZ

Holley # 4053



Casting: 3927186(both heads)

Casting date: B79, B179



Casting: 3925660


Trans code: P9C05B

4 speed Muncie, 1969, March 5th, M21

-Close ratio

-Correct factory linkage

-Correct shifter


Rear End:

QY  02 03 G1

QY(4.10) code rear end(4 wheel disc brake exclusive)

Correct JL8 axles

Correct disc brake casting numbers

Re-arched original rear springs




YH code

-date code correct


If you are in the market for a beautifully restored Camaro, don’t let this one pass you by!