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Chevrolet Camaro


For the Muscle Car enthusiast looking for a fully modernized Camaro, this car has it all going on...

  • Year: 1969
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Camaro
  • Submodel: SS
  • Mileage: 1791
  • Color: Blue
  • Interior: Black

This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro is an immaculate, fully restored Pro Touring car with top of the line performance parts, impeccable bodywork and paint and a stance that is to die for. This reenvisioned Chevy is the result of a 2 year old restoration and is a flat outperformer that will win shows as well.


The paint and bodywork on this car are to die for. The gaps are excellent and the lines are super sharp and clean. Unlike most classic cars out there,  this is a properly sanded and blocked car with a ton of time invested to get it looking top shelf. It’s show quality throughout and looks incredible. The clear on the car also has a ton of time invested to get it texture free and it’s uber slick. You’ll find that most Pro Touring cars have a ton of time invested in just the performance aspect but often fall short cosmetically. This car has it going on in all areas.


Powering this Camaro is a brand new Chevrolet Performance 6.2 liter 525 HP LS3. These motors came with 20 more HP than the larger displacement LS7, and GM was so confident with their reliability that they offered them with a 2 year 50k mile warranty. Controlling everything is a Holley Dominator system which controls down the do’s and don’t for the motor and provides awesome performance and tuning. Hiding the coils is a killer looking set up from Billet Specialties that really cleans up the engine compartment and look like a set of standard valve covers.


The transmission is the bulletproof T56 Magnum equipped with a 2.66 first gear, .80 5th gear and .63 6th gear. The clutch is a RAM LS7 set up and out back is a Currie F9 housing with 3.70 gears. This setup straight rips it around town and out on the open road!


The interior features a DSE steel dash with Autometer Phantom II gauges. The builder used TMI seats with standard Camaro panels which give the interior a super clean look. Behind the front seats is a DSE roll cage that stiffens things up a bit and provides an extra level of safety. The custom built center console houses a double DIN Pioneer unit, and next to the Autometer gauges, you’ll find the billet Vintage Air controls.






LS3 376/525HP

525 HP at 6300 RPM

389 ft/lbs at 4400 RPM


Fuel System:


Tank’s 1969 Camaro EFI gas tank




T-56 Magnum with 2.66 first gear, .80 5th gear, and .63 6th gear

RAM LS7 Clutch and pressure plate




DSE Quadralink rear suspension

Speed Tech front subframe


Rear end:


Currie F9 housing with 3.70 gears




C6 Z06 brake set up

Wilwood master cylinder









BFG Rival S tires




Vintage Air Gen IV Magnum




DSE Steel dash cut out


Autometer Phantom II


-oil pressure

-water temp







TMI interior (Sport Seats)

DSE half cage


For the Muscle Car enthusiast looking for a fully modernized Camaro, this car has it all going on.