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Chevrolet Camaro

  • Year: 1967
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: Camaro
  • Mileage: 368

This 1967 Pro-Touring is a complete ground up rotisserie restoration that was professionally built for the SEMA show for use in the booth of the engine builder Hi-Tech Engines. The car is new from top to bottom and all the new parts are documented by thousands and thousands of dollars worth of receipts. Since the show, the car has only accumulated just under 400 test miles and is in gorgeous show condition.

The original car was stripped down to bare metal and features all new parts from front to rear. Every piece of glass, trim, rubber is brand new on the car and it absolutely pops! The paint is a two stage base/clear that has been sanded flat to remove any orange peel and then cut and polished to a mirror shine. For ease of maintenance and awesome durability, the undercarriage has been finished in a Dupont chip guard which shows resilience in the face of road debris, and not easily marred.

The interior features custom panels from Rod doors that have laid out to match the color scheme of the car. Underneath all of the carpeting is a layer of Dynamat which keeps down the noise and really keeps the car quiet and rattle free. The dash showcases a set of Autometer Gauges and the Flaming River steering column allows you to adjust the wheel to your prefered height. Mounted in the custom center console, you will find the controls for the Electric Life power windows. In the dash is a double DIN headunit which powers some awesome JL Audio components.

The engine compartment has been finished with the same sheen as the top of the car. The 383 stroker motor really cranks out the HP and makes 468 HP at the wheels and comes with a dyno sheet. The engine runs on pump gas and is a full roller engine which makes peak power at about 6,000 RPM. It’s easy to start, and the custom built Edelbrock carb is fluid through the RPM range unlike some other performance carbs that you find on the market. The carb empties into a high rise aluminum intake and aluminum heads. Providing a big spark is an MSD 6AL box complete with MSD Pro Billet distributor. On on the front of the engine sits a Billet Specialties Tru Trac serpentine system. It’s equipped with a polished Sanden compressor which helps make the ice cold air pumped out by the Vintage Air A/C system. The rear end is a Moser 12-bolt housing built with 33 spline axles and Detroit Locker TruTrac limited slip gears. The rear end provides awesome traction out of the hole, exactly what we would expect from component team. The transmission is a Tremec TKO 600, 5-speed overdrive transmission. These transmissions are tight shifting, provide firm engagement, offer an awesome overdrive gear that really drop the RPM’s on the highway.

The brakes and suspension the Camaro are just top-notch. The car uses a Hotchkis suspension which offers great handling, without being overly harsh. There are KYB shocks on all four corners, and the front end utilized a 2" dropped spindle and Heidts narrowed tubular control arms to fit a meaty set of front tires on the Camaro. Steering is precise and quite frankly, awesome thanks to a Flaming River rack and pinion set up. Paired with the Flaming River column, this set up is a far cry from a stock Camaro steering configuration. The brakes feature 6-piston Wilwood front and 4 piston Wilwood rear disc brakes. They are force fed fluid by the Wilwood master cylinder that makes stopping really quickly and issue of the past. Hold on to your butt, this set up is awesome. Completing the handling set up is a set of custom Forgeline wheels clad in Michelin Pilot Sport tires. If you have ever spec’d out these wheels, they are over $1,400 per wheel and by the time you put on the Michelin Pilot Sport tires, you have a pretty pricey package. These tires are awesome and it is hard to beat a forged wheel.

There is a lot of poser stuff out there lately, but if you want a real, pro-built car with all the right stuff, it’s time to step into the Thunderdome and see if you can handle everything this car has to offer.