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Sunbeam Alpine

  • Year: 1968
  • Make: Sunbeam
  • Model: Alpine

The final Series of Sunbeam Alpines provided even more of what enthusiasts want in a British sports car: power. The car’s four-cylinder now displaced 1,725cc and made 92.5hp, courtesy of a longer stroke, and five (versus three) main bearings made for a sturdier engine. Twin Stromberg 150C.D. carburetors, a tubular exhaust manifold, a standard oil cooler, self-adjusting rear drum brakes and a negative earth electrical system were other mechanical improvements. The ”SUNBEAM” lettering on the car’s nose was deleted and the folding top lost its metal boot for a snap-on vinyl replacement, but foot-well air vents improved creature comforts.

Finished in stunning blue over a black interior, this 1968 Alpine is an older restoration that makes for an excellent little British roadster. Originally sold in new in Virginia for a grand total of $2,627.34, the Sunbeam remained in that state before moving to Florida, and then finally landed in Pennsylvania just a few years ago.

The 1,725 CC motor makes nice power and translates well with both around town and for highway use. The Sunbeam shifts nicely, brakes well and has nimble handling characteristics. The car makes for an excellent high condition driver and features paint and interior which are both around 5 years old. With 10 being a show car, the cosmetics are around 7.5-8 producing a car which shows well, but that you could also drive anywhere. An odometer statement accompanying the car reports that the car had just 35,600 miles in mid 2009. Given the recreational nature of the Sunbeam, and the feel of this car, we think this is a low mileage example.

For the sports car enthusiast looking for something a little different, the Sunbeam is looking for a new home.