Classic Car Studio was founded in 2006 as a classic and specialty car dealership with the goal of providing turn-key classic and performance automobiles to discerning enthusiasts. We started out in a 600 square foot warehouse that had no electricity, where we could barely squeeze 6 cars. We rented an office from a sister business and ferried cars back and forth to local mechanics to fix any and all issues. We did our best to represent vehicles that we could stand behind. After moving into a slightly bigger space, we decided to bring the mechanical servicing of our inventory in-house. As our inventory grew, so did our staff of technicians. We treated each repair on our inventory as a mini-restoration, attracted a talented and passionate team, . In 2009, in addition to sales, we decided to offer our classic car repair and reconditioning services to the general public. We were lucky enough to have a few good customers who took a chance on us and gave us the opportunity to build . In 2014 we added paint and bodywork to our offering of in-house services, followed by a custom interior shop in 2015.