Stock # 1257
Year: 2007
Make: Shelby
Model: Hennessey
Color: Gray over Black
Price: This vehicle is sold.

2007 Shelby Hennessey KR600

Among modern classics the 2007 Mustang GT500 stands out as not merely a car which, at the time, had more power than any other factory produced Mustang in the history of the line, but also as an apt tribute in style and substance to the man whose name it bears. For a Ford enthusiast, a Shelby aficionado, and a die-hard performance addict, what then could possibly surpass such a historic culmination of form, substance, and lineage?

As it happens there is but one correct answer to this question, and it is the 620HP, 625 lbft of torque, 3.7 sec 0-60, 11.7 sec 124mph quarter mile, 190mph Hennessey KR600. This supercar with Mustang badges is so potent in fact, that those buying $80K 2008 GT500KRs for themselves will only receive a center plaque with a laser traced Shelby signature, the addition of the letters KR at the end, a different hood, and a perfect view of the Hennessey KR600 as it walks handsomely away%u2014and all for only $25,000 more.

This immaculate Hennessey KR600 features:

  • 620HP @6,100rpm
  • 625 lbft of torque @ 4,400prm
  • 0-60 in 3.7 seconds
  • 1/4 mile in 11.7 seconds @ 124mph
  • (Gear limited) Top Speed of 190mph

KR600 Upgrade System Includes:

  • High Flow Air Induction
  • Modified Mass Air Sensor
  • Stainless Exhaust Upgrade
  • Supercharger Pulley Upgrade
  • Custom Tuned Software
  • Fuel/Spark Recalibration
  • Road and Dyno Testing
  • Lightweight 19 x 9.5 19 x 11Wheels
  • KW Coilover Suspension Upgrade
  • 275/35/YR 19 and 295/30/YR 19 BF Goodrich KDW tires

Additional Upgrades:

  • Performance Short-Throw shifter
  • High performance brake upgrade
  • Quarter and Window Louvers
  • Push button start

This ferocious 1,435 mile car has been painstakingly cared for in its short life to this point, is in stunning condition, and features extensive papers, window sticker, before and after Dyno sheets, and receipts. Performance prepared to handle the intoxicating power its Roots supercharged 5.4 liter 32 valve 620HP V8 develops%u2014this is a no nonsense, anti-poseur, sociopathic, one-step cure for everything single thing which takes place when you are not in this car. Press start, apply gas, and call me in the morning.