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Shelby Daytona

CSX 9000
  • Year: 1964
  • Make: Shelby
  • Model: Daytona
  • Submodel: CSX 9000

While working for Carroll Shelby, Peter Brock designed an absolute road racing monster for the 1963 season, the Daytona Coupe. Original called the "Daytona Car" it was designed and built to take on the Ferrari GTO which had a sleeker design and was beating the Cobra at high speeds. After the Daytona placed 4th at Sebring overall and coming in 1st in the GT class, Ford got behind Shelby in an effort to beat Enzo Ferrari and his Ferrari GTOs. In 1964, the car was very competitive with Gurney and Bondurant behind the wheel. With the season wrapping up and Ferrari ahead by just a few points, the final race at Monza would be the deciding factor, however, the race was canceled, leaving a great racing "what-if?"

As a wonderful edition to the Superformance line, the Carroll Shelby licenced Shelby Daytona CSX9000 is a redesigned street version of the original race car. Leading the charge was the original designer, Peter Brock. The street car features a slightly larger body than the original car, has a reengineered suspension that was overseen by Roush Engineering, as well as many modern upgrade and creature comforts. The result is an incredible car that combines modern technology with stunning race car looks.

Finished in Black and Titanium with black wheels, this Shelby Cobra Daytona was completed in early 2013 and has just 500 miles since delivery. Standard options include, a tubular space frame, independent coil over suspension, period correct gauges, Shelby spec racing brakes, aluminum radiator, 21 gallon stainless fuel tank, leather seats, side exit exhaust, power steering, power brakes, theft deterrent system, power door locks and AC.

Additional options on this car include LeMans twin stripes, painted rear cove, pin striping, sound deadening, heat dissipation, and ceramic coated side pipes.

The engine is a 427 IR, a small block with big displacement that makes 560 HP, and 540 lbs./ft tq. It’s an absolutely stunning engine and features 8 individual throttle bodies with high flow injectors that run off of an Accel/DFI ECM w/Roush calibration. Fuel delivery comes via a high flow fuel pump. The motor uses 4340 forged crankshaft, 4340 forged H-beam rods, forged pistons, Roush/AFR cnc ported heads, a hydraulic roller cam and roller rockers. Delivery price on the motor alone was just over $30,000.00. It sits like a jewel in a expertly laid out engine compartment.

The transmission is the optional T-56 Magnum, the premier aftermarket 6-speed transmission. The T-56 weighs just 135lbs dry and can withstand 700 lbs ft of tq. It has wonderful short and crisp action and offers a nice balance of strength and easy-of-use.

Despite being built new, Shelby Daytonas are relatively hard to come by. This one took over a year from the time is was ordered, and some can take longer as the factory will only build the cars when it has sufficient orders. For the buyer wanting instant gratification, this CSX 9000 is ready now! The cars can be registered in the Shelby Registry and are incredible to behold.