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Ford Mustang

  • Year: 1966
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: Mustang
  • Mileage: 11976

Built on March 25th of 1966 and delivered in Los Angeles, this stunning 1966 Ford Mustang convertible remained in California until 1997 when the car was purchased for the purposes of being turned into a show car. Post restoration, the car has been shown extensively with the MCA and is exceptionally detailed and expertly restored. It comes with many 1st place and MCA trophies.

The Mustang was a rust free California car prior to restoration and all the body panels are in excellent condition and fit within factory tolerances. The fender door gaps are great and fit equal to the original design of the car. The convertible top is in excellent shape and the the mechanism has been refurbished and all of the side pads, weatherstripping and tack stripping have been replaced. The car is finished in a base clear and has been color sanded to remove texture from the clear coat and then buffed to a mirror shine. All of the exterior trim and chrome has either been refinished or replaced. Both the hub caps and tires are new as of the restoration.

The undercarriage of the car is original and the torque boxes, frame rails, and floors are all rust free. This is a very rare quality in cars from this era, and is a testament to the fact the car was never driven on salty roads. All of the aprons and shock towers are straight. The rocker panels are original to the car and the factory stampings have been photographed.

The 289 engine was rebuilt and features heads with hardened valve seats which allows the use of unleaded gas without the requirement for any type of lead substitute. The motor idles very smoothly and has excellent oil pressure. After a longer cruise, the motor temperatures remain constant and the vehicle runs nice and cool.

The Mustang is equipped with power steering and power brakes which have all been completely rebuilt. Also rebuilt from front to rear is the suspension system. The car tracks straight down the road and stops straight as well. The steering system is firm and is consistent with the technology available at the time of production. Overall, the car has a solid feel and is unusually tight for its vintage.

The Parchment crinkle interior has been completely restored and is in showroom condition. All of the gauges and lights are in proper working order and the wiring harness is in excellent condition. Keeping things cool in the summer time is a factory AC system and a vintage looking, but modern radio pumps the tunes through factory door mounted speaker housings.

For the Ford enthusiast looking for the right Mustang to add to their stable, this 1966 convertible will not disappoint.