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Porsche 911

  • Year: 1997
  • Make: Porsche
  • Model: 911
  • Submodel: Turbo

To the initiated sports car enthusiast the lineage of the Porsche 911 will be as familiar as the car’s perpetual appearance on the cover of the worlds most prestigious automotive publications. Since its very first conception as an evolution to the 356 and 912, the car has been visionary in its construction, elegant in its form, and nearly mythical in its abilities. To the uninitiated the Porsche 911 is the very definition of the phrase, "Sports Car"–a phrase whose meaning cannot be fully comprehended without the benefit of real seat time in the German thoroughbred.

For all of its virtues, however, the garden variety 911 and the comparatively rare Porsche 911 Turbo are as similar as Champaign and Scotch Whiskey. In the form of what many will consider to be the last true 911 Turbo, the venerated 993 generation and last of the air cooled 911s, the car is small and aerodynamically slippery, has broad muscular haunches, an ergonomically stoic interior, and potential energy in utter disproportion to its sculpted appearance. From the factory the Porsche 911 Turbo is Jack the Ripper at a wedding reception, whereas the stunning Porsche 911 Turbo featured here is an unrestrained, rampaging psychopath with good taste in apparel.

This two-owner, exquisitely cared for and deviously prepared Guards Red with supple black leather interior 1997 993 generation 911 Turbo features:

  • Front Aero Kit Spoiler
  • Turbo S Front Brake Ducts/Fog Lamp package
  • Alpine Head Unit
  • Litronic Head Lights
  • Red Brake Calipers
  • 18" Turbo Wheels
  • Nearly New Michelin Pilot Sport tires

Performance Upgrades:

  • Drilled Aluminum Pedals
  • Rear Muffler Bypass Pipes
  • Recaro Electric Race Seats
  • Deist Safety Harnesses
  • Dasport Rollbar
  • Bilstein PSS9 Sport Suspension
  • 100 HP Upgrade(ECU Fuel Pressure Regulator)
  • Front Strut Tower Brace and Adjustable Sway Bars

For those seeking slightly messaged clubbing conveyances or office park jewelry, please look elsewhere–this car is far too serious for such things. For those seeking one of the most thrilling drives of their lives, every bit the equivalent of $200K super cars from an automobile that can fetch the dry-cleaning or dominate the weekend PCA event–there is no counter part in this price range, and for sheer visceral enjoyment there may be no counter part at all. All one needs do is hear it to know what their priorities should be!