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Oldsmobile 442

  • Year: 1970
  • Make: Oldsmobile
  • Model: 442
  • Submodel: W30

Originally conceived as a tool for competing with the Pontiac division’s GTO in 1964, the 442 option for the Oldsmobile cutlass was basically a derivative of the "Police Apprehender" option for law enforcement which consisted of four-barrel carburetor, four-speed manual transmission, and two-plate clutch. There were a few additional upgrades, including: hotter cam, police suspension with stiffer springs and bigger anti-roll bars—but it was the 4-barrell, 4-speed, dual-exhaust (though it has been suggested the 2-plate clutch may have been the "2" at question) for which the hotted-up 442 received its name.

Between 1968 and 1971 the Oldsmobile 442 became its own line, with its own trim and VIN codes to conclusively distinguish the potent 442 from mere pretenders. Additionally, in 1970 the corporate mandate that no motor could exceed the 400cid mark was lifted, and for the first time the 442 came standard with the potent 455cid V8.

However, for all the power and rarity of the 442, the most rare, most powerful, and most distinct of the period was the famed Oldsmobile 442 W30. This super-car of the early seventies features: Non-matching but F code correct 455cid 370hp V8 (though it is widely known that Olds rated their HP on these cars very conservatively), Hurst Shifter 4-speed, factory W30 fiberglass lightweight OAI Ram Air hood, original W30 plastic inner fenders, correct winters cast aluminum intake manifold, correct performance camshaft, distributor, cylinder heads, and carburetor, W27 code aluminum differential cover, well kept interior, build sheet, and manual.

This enthusiast owned vintage super-car has been exquisitely maintained, and represents an exceptional opportunity to posses a drivable, show able, and highly collectible example of among the greatest muscle cars of the era!