Stock # 1302
Year: 1965
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Color: Blue over Blue
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1965 Ford Mustang K-Code

This gorgeous Caspian Blue over Blue 1965 K code Mustang has been beautifully restored and detailed to the nines. In 1965, the K-code is mostly seen as a stripper model, as they were not produced with power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, and the automatic transmission was not available until 1966. Ford seemed to be saying, "take the Hi Po motor and the 4-speed and go have fun."

A Mustang collector's Mustang - the 1965 K Code Fastback is one of the rarest ponies representing a scant 1% of the '65 production year. An even rarer instance is finding a K-code with the original motor. Ford had their finger on the mindset of the buyer when they offered the Hi-PO K-code motor and they also didn't lack the foresight of knowing how these hi-reving Mustangs were going to be driven. Instead of the usual 12,000 mile/12 month warranty, the K-code cars only came with a 3,000 mile/4 month warranty on the engine. It was most likely a good call because these cars were driven hard, and finding a K-Code car with the original engine that hadn't been blown up years ago is a rare thing these days.

This K-code was produced on April 13th 1965 and the date code on the engine is 5B17. The "5" represents 1965, the "B" represents February and the "17" for the 17th day of the month. So what we are looking at is a engine that was produced less than 2 months before the car rolled off the assembly line. Now that we know when the engine was built, we look for the illusive K-code VIN stamping. These stampings are few and far between as most K-code don't have their original motors and not all K-code blocks were stamped. To our delight, the block has the VIN stamp right where it should be, on the passenger side of the block right above the oil pan!

The carburetor is dated the correct Autolite 4100(C4OF) with manual choke, the car has the correct "19" code heads, and the distributor is the FoMoCo dual-point mechanical advance. The transmission and the rear end are also correct 1965 pieces.

Peek under the car and inside the engine compartment and there is no lack of detail. All of the correct inspection stamps have been replicated and the undercarriage even has the correct Ford overspray.

If you are looking for an awesome Mustang that's ready to drive, show, and that has real value as a collectible automobile, look no further that this awesome 1965 Mustang K-Code fastback. You may have to wait a long time to find another example with a date code correct driveline.

Warranty Number:
PlantFDearborn, MI
Body Series092 2 Fastback
EngineK289 4v V8 HiPo

Miscellaneous Vehicle Data
Body63A2 2 Fastback, Standard Interior
ColorHCaspian Blue Metallic
Trim22Blue Crinkle Vinyl, Standard Interior
Date13RApril 13, 1965
Axle53.50:1, Conventional
Trans54-Speed Manual