Stock # 1279
Year: 2008
Make: Ducati
Model: 1098
Color: Yellow over Black
Price: This vehicle is sold.

2008 Ducati 1098

This gorgeous Ducati 1098 has just 780 miles since new and has graced the garage of just one adult owner. The 1098 has many stylistic carryovers from the 998/996 generation including the elegant single sided swing arm, horizontally placed headlights and non-integrated exhaust. The last owner has lost the will to enjoy life at "speed" and in lieu of his new hobbies which include sitting on the couch, sleeping, and writing poetry, and he has decided to part with his Italian masterpiece.

It's now your turn to enjoy 160 thumping horsepower, torque that won't quit and an exhaust note so intimidating that is currently being used to disperse rioters in Greece. We don't know how Obama Care makes you feel, but if you don't feel better after letting this beauty rip, your problems are incurable. So, don't ask for permission and don't think about how your wife might feel after being upstaged by a bright yellow two-wheeled beast in the garage. Just buy yourself something nice and don't look back.