Stock # 1230
Year: 1970
Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO
Color: Orange over Black
Price: This vehicle is sold.

1970 Pontiac GTO

Perhaps the most significant automobile that was never supposed to be. Among the more interesting caveats in the GTO's defining history is that the car slipped through the cracks in a corporate edict that performance cars were strictly off the menu.

Nevertheless, as sales began to list it became clear that Pontiac's salvation may come in the form of a product oriented toward the growing market of younger buyers. By 1962 Pontiac proceeded with the experiment with the desired results: increased sales. Hurst shifters began to appear on floor mounted manual transmissions and larger more powerful engines began to find their way into many other GM models.

Spearheading this radical effort was the then Pontiac chief engineer John Z. DeLorean who insisted that performance and styling would sell cars. DeLorean designed the GTO but Pontiac General Manager Elliot "Pete" Estes is credited with pushing the idea through the politics at GM. Regardless, the birth of the GTO represents the true beginning of the Muscle Car era--a movement which still enjoys tremendous popularity.

Wildly popular upon its introduction, the GTO was hailed as an instant classic, and to this day, the GTO remains near the top of the chart as among the most sought after and collectable cars of all time.

This very handsome and enthusiast cared for Carousel Red 1970 Pontiac GTO convertible features: 455cid V8, automatic transmission, power convertible top, power steering, power brakes, A/C, well kept black bucket seats, and center console.

For those seeking an entry level and highly enjoyable collectible performance classic, there will be few comparable examples to choose from.