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Chevrolet 3100

First Series
  • Year: 1955
  • Make: Chevrolet
  • Model: 3100
  • Submodel: First Series
  • Mileage: 81867

As Americans returned home from postwar Europe and went back to peacetime work, demand for working vehicles soared. Auto companies went to work revamping their aging truck offerings, and in 1947 Chevrolet was first out of the gate with its Advanced Design series of pickups. The new trucks were a completely modernized departure from the previous generation. Headlights were integrated into the front fenders, grilles resembled passenger car designs, and the roomy cab was designed with full ventilation, abundant head and leg room and a new dashboard that would inspire future car designs. The new Advanced Design pickups led the way in sales through their entire era, which lasted into 1955 in the 3100 First Series, a holdover that was produced for three months, making it one of the rarest of all Chevrolet pickup series.

The result of a complete frame off restoration, this Early Series 1955 Chevy truck has been driven just a few hundred test miles since completion. It is a museum quality vehicle that has had the necessary upgrades which also make it a perfectly road worthy candidate. Additions like front Wilwood disc brakes, air conditioning and a highway geared rear end add a level of practicality that cannot be found on most old trucks. With no stone left unturned, this 1955 is mint in every last corner.

During the restoration, the entire truck was stripped down to bare metal. It features a two stage paint job that with excellent body work and superb finish work on the clear. As with all stand up paint jobs, it has been properly wet sanded and buffed out to a mirror shine. The paint color is called Ocean Green and it is the correct factory color for the truck. All of the bright work on the truck is new. This includes the stainless trim, and all of the chrome as well. It is extremely shiny and all show quality from front to rear. Also new is all of the window glass, and all of the rubber moldings. The bed features all new Oak and has never had anything in it.

During the restoration when the frame was off the truck, it was stripped of all its suspension components and media blasted down to bare metal. After a heavy coat of new black paint, all new suspension components were put back onto the truck from front to rear. All the brake lines and hoses are of course new and the front brakes have been update to Wilwood disc. Stopping has been improved many times over from the stock format making the truck much safer.

The 235 engine was completely rebuilt, as was the 3-speed transmission and rear end. The rear end was upgraded with gearing that allows for easy highway cruising well over the 50 MPH top speed that was pretty standard on these vehicles. The detailing in the engine compartment is incredible and probably much nicer than when these trucks were new. Barely visible in the engine compartment sits a wonderful addition – a new AC compressor which hooks to a Vintage Air unit under the dash. For your summer use, this 1955 Chevy is the deal, pumping out ice cold AC from all modern components. Given the size of the interior, you will probably have to turn it down a bit or risk getting frozen out!

For the Chevy truck enthusiast looking for a turn key, show quality vehicle, this truck is to die for.