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Buick Riviera

  • Year: 1963
  • Make: Buick
  • Model: Riviera

By the late 1950s GM was developing an appetite for a car which could compete in the still burgeoning Personal Luxury Car segment, a market at that point dominated by the hugely successful Ford Thunderbird.

The design concept for the Riviera drew initial inspiration from Styling Chief Bill Mitchell’s glimpse of a custom bodied Rolls Royce in the London fog while traveling in the British Isles. He later reflected that he wanted that knife-edged styling, though with a lower profile and with a bit of Ferrari performance thrown in for good measure.

With GMs Cadillac busy with its own success at the time, in what was an uncharacteristic gesture, the Riviera project was cast open for competition within the label, and it was Buick, compelled by its faltering sales, which ultimately provided the winning corporate pitch.

This stunning Blue over Blue example is well equipped with: power steering, power brakes, power windows, 401cid V8, Dynaflow automatic transmission, power windows, T-3 headlights and more. Moreover, the Riviera has seen just 10,000 miles since a complete engine and transmission rebuild!

This outstanding classic of the early 1960s is responsible for resurrecting Buick, as well as, influencing the character of the Personal Luxury market to this day with its combination of high-output, solid handling, and dramatic design. For apprenticing investors seeking to choose the right model at the right point in its appreciation arc-there will be few cars which can be had so affordably and which have such a long way to go as these early Rivieras.